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Overdraft Privileges
Frequently Asked Questions

What are Overdraft Privileges?
Overdraft Privileges is a benefit for eligible checking accounts. The service will provide up to $500.00 in Overdraft Privileges on qualified checking accounts open at least 30 days and maintained in good standing.  Most Personal checking accounts will be considered for eligibility, business accounts will be considered on an account by account basis.

Is there a charge for Overdraft Privileges?
The standard overdraft fee which is described in our Fee Schedule applies to checks or other debits paid through Overdraft Privileges.  There is no additional annual fee for Overdraft Privileges

How will Overdraft Privileges benefit me?
Overdraft Privileges will save you the embarrassment and expense of returned checks with a merchant when you make an honest mistake in your checkbook, have unplanned expenses, or run short on cash between paydays. Instead of returning checks unpaid, we will automatically pay them for you up to the limit.

How does Overdraft Privileges work?
When we receive an item for payment that causes your balance to go below zero, we will pay the check or debit up to limit including the overdraft fee. Your checking account is worry free knowing that Overdraft Privileges will cover you. Please, always manage your finances responsibly, but when you need it, Overdraft Privileges is there.

Is Overdraft Privileges a loan?
No. It is a service provided by the bank to help you manage your money. This service can be withdrawn at any time by the bank.

Do I have to apply for this service?
No. Overdraft Privileges is automatically added to your account as long as it meets the requirements of our Overdraft Privileges Policy.

How do I use my Overdraft Privileges?
This is automatic, too. Overdrafts are approved on your account for checks, withdrawals, and preauthorized ACH payments.  ATM withdrawals, or debit card purchases will not access the Overdraft Privileges limit.

How will I know when I'm overdrawn?
We will mail a letter notifying you when your account is overdrawn. We'll send a reminder letter advising you of your overdraft until you bring your account up to a positive balance. We may even give you a call.

What if I go over my Overdraft Privileges limit?
When you exceed the Overdraft Privileges limit, any additional items will be returned or declined when presented for payment.  They will be subject to bounced check (NSF) fees per our fee schedule.

Can I Opt Out of Overdraft Privileges.  Yes, If you don’t want to be considered for this product let us know and any Overdraft checks on your account will be returned.  NSF fees will still apply to bounced checks.

How long do I have to bring my account into balance?
You should bring your checking account to a positive balance as soon as possible and certainly within 10 days. You will have 30 days maximum to pay any overdraft and associated fees. However, depending on the situation, we can ask for repayment sooner. Any deposit you make or is made automatically will first be applied to any overdrawn balance and associated fees.

What happens if I can't bring my account to a positive balance?
If you have a negative balance for 30 consecutive days, your Overdraft Privileges will be suspended, you could face collection action to recover the negative account balance and lose checking privileges.