Frequently Asked Questions

How to report a lost or stolen card?

To report a lost or stolen card, contact the Hot Card Hotline at 1-855-735-0535 or 1-719-336-8585.

What is the debit card activation number?


What is the bank's routing number?


How do I locate a surcharge-free ATM?

To locate a surcharge-free ATM, use the Fastbank Online Locator.

Important Notice Regarding Your Debit Card

Frontier Bank will be implementing new security procedures to help protect your Frontier Bank debit card from overseas fraud. Effective June 1,
2017, international purchases made “in person” will not be allowed without the bank’s prior knowledge.

If you are planning to use your debit card for travel abroad, you must contact your local banking center and request that the card be approved for these types of purchases. Online purchases will not be affected by this change.

Attention Debit Card Users

Due to the increase in merchant data breaches, our fraud prevention service is keeping a close eye on purchases being made. If you are making a purchase that is unusual for you, it may be denied until we can confirm that it is a legitimate charge. Our fraud department may contact you using an automated system. If there is any question whether or not the call is from us, you may call 719-336-8585, 24/7 to speak with a live person.

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